Built for a better afternoon

It's not just a drink, it's an afternoon revolution.

Afternoon slumps hit hard. As an entrepreneur, I was tired of the caffeine cycle and the crash that followed. This led me to create Superoot, a blend of natural roots and electrolytes, designed to revitalize your energy without caffeine.

The magic of Superoot lies in its simplicity: combining the hydrating power of electrolytes with the natural energy from roots. It's sweet, salty, citrusy, and has a refreshing zing from ginger, making every sip a step towards feeling more alert and focused.

“I wanted to feel the way I felt at 7am, at 2pm.”

– Nate Smith, Founder of Superoot

Superoot is for anyone looking to beat the afternoon slump, naturally. It's our answer to staying energized, comfortably and sustainably.