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What is Superoot?

Superoot is a dry powder electrolyte tonic that enhances mental clarity, improves physical stamina, and supports long-term vitality. It blends a perfectly balanced electrolyte formula with the all-natural powder of five different roots—ginger, turmeric, beet, maca, and ginseng—to form a nutritious supplement that boosts both your energy and mood.

Who is Superoot for?

We created Superoot specifically for physically active adults who also work in mentally demanding jobs and prefer healthy, natural ingredients. It’s for busy, highly engaged people who need a delicious, low-calorie energy boost that doesn’t come with trade-offs and has ingredients that support long-term health too. If you’re this person and have ever felt like crashing just as the afternoon hits, then Superoot is for you.

How does Superoot taste?

Overall it's sweet, salty citrusy, and just a little spicy. Ginger makes up the main part of Superoot's unique and delicious taste. There some earthiness from turmeric, nuttiness from maca, and just a kiss of heat from black pepper.

What time of day should I drink Superoot?

It depends on your exact daily schedule, but we suggest drinking one serving about 30 minutes after lunch. Most of our customers report great results from drinking a serving of Superoot between 1pm and 2pm. Many customers also tell us that enjoying Superoot around this time helps them overcome the urge to snack as the day progresses.

What are Superoot's ingredients?

Salt, potassium, magnesium, ginger, turmeric, maca, beet, ginseng, citric acid, stevia extract, baking soda, and black pepper. That’s it.

How do I use Superoot?

Mix one scoop of Superoot in a glass with 8 to 10 ounces of cool water. Stir it well—and watch the fizz. Then enjoy it right away. For the best flavor experience, we recommend continuing to stir until you’ve finished the glass.

Where can I buy Superoot?

Superoot is exclusively available for purchase via our online store.

Where should I store Superoot?

We recommend storing Superoot at room temperature, in a low-light environment (such as a cabinet). For maximum freshness, make sure your Superoot container stays sealed between servings.

How is Superoot different from other electrolyte powders and drinks?

Superoot has no sugar, no caffeine, is low-calorie, and is packed with benefits thanks to its unique blend of 100% all-natural roots. It has a fine-tuned blend of electrolytes to keep your hydration in balance, plus natural roots to enhance your mood, improve your mental clarity, boost immunity, settle your stomach, promote blood flow, and enrich your overall vitality.

Is Superoot safe?

Superoot regularly tests batches for issues and impurities. However, every body is different and you should always review ingredients and consult your physician before taking a nutritional supplement! Note that although we follow all FDA guidelines, our nutritional statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Health and nutrition

How many calories is Superoot?

One serving of Superoot is 10 calories.

How much Superoot can I have per day?

How much Superoot to drink each day is dependent on the individual. First, it’s important to note that Superoot should not be your sole source of electrolytes or nutrition in a day. Also, it was formulated for active individuals, and the salt content is intended to replenish the sodium for individuals who sweat during exercise or miss sodium by avoiding processed foods. For most active adults, 1 serving per day is right. When in doubt, consult your physician.

Can children have Superoot?

Superoot is formulated specifically for adults who are physically active, and is not recommended for children. Because children have different nutritional requirements than adults and may be more sensitive to different ingredients, we suggest consulting with your child’s doctor before adding Superoot to their diet.

Can I drink Superoot when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Superoot is formulated specifically for active, athletic adults. It is not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend you consult your doctor before making changes to your diet during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can I take Superoot on an empty stomach?

Yes. And we think Superoot is a great way to settle the stomach after a too-big lunch.

Will Superoot break my fast?

Superoot contains just 10 calories per serving. Whether that is enough to break your fast is up to your judgment. Please see our ingredients list for more information.

I have IBS/IBD. Can I drink Superoot?

The gastrointestinal comfort of Superoot has not been tested for those living with IBS or IBD. As with any supplement, we recommend that you consult with a physician first before adding Superoot to your diet.

Why the salt (sodium)?

Salt (sodium) is an electrolyte that is critical for the human body to function. It has many responsibilities in the body including regulating fluid balance. We include salt in Superoot to help replenish the salt that active adults tend to lose during exercise through sweating. Also, our product is also geared for health-conscious individuals who often avoid processed foods due to sodium content—in other words, salt is good for them and they need more of it.

Do the roots help with dehydration?

Dehydration has many negative side effects such as reducing blood circulation efficiency—changing heart rate, blood pressure, and vascular resistance. In addition to the rehydration that comes from Superoot's electrolytes, the roots (especially ginger and beetroot) help increase blood flow. Beet also contains nitrates which ultimately improve oxygen delivery. Maca also contains significant potassium, one of the key electrolytes.

Diet and ingredients

Is Superoot vegan?

Yes, Superoot is vegan.

Does Superoot contain sugar?

No, Superoot does not have sugar. We use stevia for sweetening.

Does Superoot contain caffeine?

No, Superoot has no caffeine. Our blend of roots and electrolytes will give you a great, clean-feeling energy boost, though.

Does Superoot contain lactose?

No, Superoot doesn't contain lactose.

Does Superoot contain GMOs?

Yes. However, it's worth remembering that GMOs can provide rich, sustainable nutrition—often far more so than organically grown ingredients. We believe, based on the current science and nature of our global food system, that GMOs are positive for global human health.

Are there any allergens in Superoot?

If you're concerned about allergies, please consult with your physician before trying Superoot. Superoot doesn't contain any nuts, dairy, gluten, nor soy. (However, be aware that some of our facilities may also process nuts.)

Does Superoot have artificial ingredients?

No, all of our ingredients are 100% natural.

Is Superoot organic?

The ginger, ginseng, turmeric, and maca in Superoot are organic. Other ingredients may come from non-organic sources.

Sustainable agriculture is important to us and we're actively working with suppliers to increase the sustainability profile of Superoot, which may include using even more organic ingredients in the future.

The USDA considers a food to be "organic" when it was produced without certain conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering, and other processes. Although noble in intent, the reality is that organic foods often aren't as clean or sustainable as claimed versus non-organic ones. The nutrition content, environmental impact, food safety, and production standards of many non-organic foods can often exceed that of their organic counterparts.

Our goal at Superoot will never be "100% organic", because that label doesn't mean much today. Our goal is simply to deliver you the healthiest, highest quality, whole ingredients, whether labeled "organic" or not.

Is Superoot Whole30 compatible?

Superoot's current recipe contains stevia leaf extract for sweetening, which is considered outside of the Whole30 guidelines. However, all of the other ingredients are fully compatible with the Whole30 diet.

Sourcing and regulations

Is Superoot FDA approved?

Superoot closely follows all FDA guidelines and safety standards. However, our statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. (This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always review ingredients and consult your physician before taking a nutritional supplement.)

What testing and certifications does Superoot have?

Every batch of Superoot is carefully sampled and tested by certified professionals for impurities and imbalances.

How is Superoot made and packaged?

Superoot's recipe is designed in Brooklyn, NY. We source all of our ingredients from the best providers to bring you the ideal flavor, freshness, and nutrition. The ingredients are carefully processed and blended in a FDA-approved and certified facility in Chicago, IL, then shipped to you.

Orders, billing, and shipping

How much does Superoot cost?

Superoot's starter jar (20 servings) is now available for sale at $29.99.

Where does Superoot ship to?

Superoot can be shipped anywhere in the United States. We do not yet ship internationally. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more updates, as we plan to ship internationally very soon.

How long does it take to receive my Superoot order?

Your order should arrive within 4-7 business days. However, it is possible that unforeseen issues with shipping beyond our control may arise; if it takes more than 10 days for your order to arrive, please contact us.

I made a mistake on my order.

Please contact us at hello@drinksuperoot.com and we'll respond as soon as we can.

There's a problem with my order.

Please contact us at hello@drinksuperoot.com.

What is your refund/return policy?

If you want to make a return, please see our Return Policy (link in footer of site) and then contact hello@drinksuperoot.com.

Data and privacy

Have you ever had a data breach?

No, we have never experienced a data breach. We take the protection and security of your personal information seriously and use commercially reasonable physical, administrative, and technological safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of all information collected.

What is your privacy policy?

Please see the Privacy Policy link in the footer of this site.

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