• No sugar
  • Natural Hydration
  • 3G Net Carbs
  • Vegan friendly
  • Paleo & keto friendly

Beat the afternoon slump

Your afternoon power electrolyte drink

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  • “Took this instead of my afternoon coffee. Best decision I made that day. Energy boost without the crash. Slept great that night. Going to weave it into my daily routine.”

    Liam H., 3 weeks ago

  • “Love the taste and ingredients.....will be subscribing”

    Vicente R., 1 month ago

  • “Amazing product so much energy and hydration. Love the natural taste of ginger. Goes great in my refreshing smoothies. 5 star 💞💞”

    Angela, 1 month ago

  • “Great flavor and good energy boost got me off coffee and energy drinks”

    Nathaniel, 4 weeks ago

  • “I like this drink!! Great flavor and I feel it’s good for the body!!”

    Ann N., 4 weeks ago

  • “it has everything i was looking for and nothing i didn’t want, so thanks for reading my mind. Good stuff.”

    Marah K., 3 weeks ago

Boost focus, vitality, energy, and immunity

Tapped in science, rooted in nature

Our blend of essential electrolytes and adaptogens—from 100% natural ingredients—balances your body and mind. Only 10 calories per serving.

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  • Deep Ocean Salt

    Critical for hydration and fluid equilibrium

  • Potassium

    Vital for muscle function, nerve signals, and fluid balance

  • Magnesium

    Essential for muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control

  • Ginger

    Anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion and nausea relief

  • Turmeric

    Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents

  • Maca

    Boosts energy and promotes blood flow

  • Beet

    Regulates blood pressure and enhances performance

  • Ginseng

    Enhances cognitive function and fights fatigue

  • Carrot

    Supports eye health and vision, high in antioxidants

  • Black Pepper

    Helps body absorb curcumin from turmeric

  • Vitamin C

    Boosts immune system, promotes healthy skin

What you’ve been rooting for

What you’ve been rooting for


adults may be chronically dehydrated


say they need a nap in the midday


need coffee to function properly


experience an afternoon slump

How Superoot Works

Superoot is available as an easy-to-use powder that can be scooped into cool water wherever you are. Mix, watch it fizz, and enjoy.

How Superoot Works

Superoot is available as an easy-to-use powder that can be scooped into cool water wherever you are. Mix, watch it fizz, and enjoy.

1. Mix


2. Stir Well


3. Enjoy right away


Superoot FAQs

What is Superoot?

Superoot is a dry powder electrolyte mix with ingredients that studies show can enhance mental clarity, improve physical stamina, and support long-term vitality. It blends a perfectly balanced electrolyte formula with the all-natural powder of five different roots—ginger, turmeric, beet, maca, and ginseng—to form a drink that boosts both your energy and mood.

Who is Superoot for?

We created Superoot specifically for physically active adults who also work in mentally demanding jobs and prefer healthy, natural ingredients. It’s for busy, highly engaged people who need a delicious, low-calorie energy boost that doesn’t come with trade-offs and supports long-term health too. If you’re this person and have ever felt like crashing just as the afternoon hits, then Superoot is for you.

How does Superoot taste?

Overall it's sweet, salty, citrusy, and just a little spicy. Ginger makes up the main part of Superoot's unique and delicious taste. There some earthiness from turmeric, nuttiness from maca, and a kiss of heat from black pepper.

When should I drink Superoot?

It depends on your exact daily schedule, but we suggest drinking one serving about 30 minutes after lunch. Most of our customers report great results from drinking a serving of Superoot between 1pm and 2pm. The perfect time for a stomach-settling drink that gives a boost in energy and focus.

What are Superoot's ingredients?

Salt, potassium, magnesium, ginger, turmeric, maca, beet, ginseng, citric acid, stevia extract, baking soda, and black pepper. That’s it.

How do I use Superoot?

Mix one scoop of Superoot in a glass with 8 to 10 ounces of cool water. Stir it well—and watch the fizz. Then enjoy it right away. For the best flavor experience, we recommend continuing to stir until you’ve finished the glass.

Where can I buy Superoot?

Superoot is exclusively available for purchase right here in our online store.

The natural kick to beat the afternoon dip